SmoothShapes Cellulite and Body Contouring

The accumulation of stubborn cellulite is experienced by over 85% of women, and it’s not your fault. With SmoothShapes body contouring cellulite treatments, you can now achieve smoother, tighter skin with visible reduction in cellulite.

Depending on the targeted area, a single treatment takes an average of a mere 20 minutes with no consequential downtime or pain. SmoothShapes treatments are ideal for lower body areas, as well as the arms, abdomen, waist, and back.
Cellulite becomes visible when connective fibers under the skin trap fat deposits that have swelled and accumulated, thus creating dimpling on the skin’s surface. SmoothShapes treatments combat cellulite with a non-invasive procedure called photomology, which uses a combination of laser energy and mechanical skin manipulation via vacuum and massage. The laser treats the cellulite, while the mechanical manipulation techniques help to move the targeted fat out through the lymphatic system, making skin appear smoother.
The typical SmoothShapes treatment plan consists of two sessions per week for four weeks–a total of eight treatments. Trained professionals such as ours at Spa Medique can assess your existing cellulite and formulate a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your body.