Tightening treatment for breasts and decollete! Breast Skin Tightening & Non-Surgical Breast Lift

What is it?

Radio frequency is a new treatment used in cosmetic medicine. It is the use of electromagnetic radiation entering the skin at a deeper level, ideal for the breast area, to promote a mass mobilization at the molecular level to firm and lift the skin.

Why is it recommended?

The main objective of this technique is to liven up the skin and decrease cellulite and drooping, for the face and body, it is also perfect for non-invasive lifting of the breast and tightening of the surrounding skin.

How does the technology work?

The technique causes heat to penetrate deep into the skin and deep fatty tissue, which leads to the shrinkage of collagen, for example; resulting in lifted effect around the breast. This technique can better the circulation of that area of skin, lymphatic drain and improve the growth of newer, firmer, collagen.

How much does it cost?

Because everyone deserves to look their best, we are offering the full treatment for only $999 per visit!